Council Policies

View all of Council's policies here:

Access to Information held by Council(PDF, 145KB)

Advertising Structures(PDF, 367KB)

Aged Care(PDF, 547KB)

Alcohol Free Zone(PDF, 112KB)

Asbestos(PDF, 1MB)

Asset Management(PDF, 129KB)

Awnings, Verandahs and Balconies Encroaching Public Land(PDF, 125KB)

Banner Poles(PDF, 117KB)

Burials on Private Land(PDF, 124KB)

Cemetery(PDF, 111KB)

Communications Engagement(PDF, 468KB)

Community Recognition Infrastructure(PDF, 186KB)

Complaints Handling(PDF, 146KB)

Contaminated Land Management(PDF, 532KB)

Cooee Lodge Retirement Village(PDF, 137KB)

Corporate Sponsorship(PDF, 130KB)

Debt Collection(PDF, 130KB)

Disability Standards(PDF, 190KB)

Donations(PDF, 420KB)

Drinking Water(PDF, 125KB)

Enforcement(PDF, 446KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity(PDF, 131KB)

Events(PDF, 130KB)

Expenses and Facilities - Mayor and Councillors(PDF, 153KB)

Feral or Infant Companion Animals - Management(PDF, 387KB)

Finance - Estimates - Costing of Works(PDF, 111KB)

Finance - Restricted Assets - General Fund(PDF, 118KB)  

Finance - Restricted Assets - Sports Council(PDF, 114KB)

Flags(PDF, 118KB)  

Footpath Traffic and CBD(PDF, 79KB)

Gilgandra Fitness Centre - Youth Access(PDF, 134KB)

Gilgandra Public Swimming Pool(PDF, 119KB)

Graffiti(PDF, 114KB)

Gravel Pits - Royalty Payments(PDF, 110KB)

Housing - Community Housing(PDF, 112KB)

Investments(PDF, 404KB)

Kerbing, Guttering and Driveways - Costing and Specifications for Construction(PDF, 120KB)

Leases - Permissive Occupancy - Conditions(PDF, 127KB)

Liquid Trade Waste(PDF, 322KB)

LMWUA Water Policies(PDF, 119KB)

Loan Repayment Level(PDF, 113KB)

Local Purchasing - Goods and Services(PDF, 119KB)

Media Strategy(PDF, 125KB)

Ovals(PDF, 125KB)

Parks and Reserves - Alcohol Ban and Closure Times(PDF, 122KB)

Plant - Hire(PDF, 122KB)

Private Works and Overdue Rates(PDF, 122KB)

Procurement and Disposal(PDF, 125KB)

Project Partnership Agreement(PDF, 118KB)

Public Gates and Motor By-passes(PDF, 131KB)

Public Interest Disclosures - Reporting(PDF, 166KB)

Rates - Hardship Relief(PDF, 115KB)

Rates - Late Payment - Waiving of Interest(PDF, 111KB)

Rates - Period of Grace for Late Payments(PDF, 114KB)

Rates - Property Aggregation of Land Values for Rating Purposes(PDF, 111KB)

Rates - Property Amalgamations for Rating Purposes(PDF, 112KB)

Rates - Request to Reimburse Previous Years' Pensioner Concessions(PDF, 115KB)

Related Party Disclosures(PDF, 148KB)

Records Management(PDF, 141KB)

Recruitment(PDF, 127KB)

Rewards - Information Leading to Conviction(PDF, 113KB)

Risk Management - Gathering Information(PDF, 126KB)

Risk Management - Signs as Remote Supervision(PDF, 127KB)

Road Closure(PDF, 116KB)

Roads - Council Consent to Application for Temporary Grazing Permit(PDF, 121KB)

Roads - Cultivation of Unfenced Public Roads(PDF, 111KB)

Roads - Removal of Cypress Timber from Shire Road Reserves(PDF, 116KB)

Sporting Roll of Honour - Selection Criteria(PDF, 120KB)

Street Trading(PDF, 532KB)

Subdivision - Subdivider's Responsibilities and Contributions(PDF, 121KB)

Swimming Pool Inspection Program(PDF, 271KB)

Temporary Occupation Permit(PDF, 120KB)

Trees - Removal of Trees in Public Areas(PDF, 127KB)

Unsolicited Proposals(PDF, 125KB)

Vehicles - Light Vehicle Replacement(PDF, 124KB)

Volunteers(PDF, 128KB)

Water Supply - Meter Sizing for Residential Lots(PDF, 116KB)

Water Supply - Subdivisions(PDF, 114KB)

Water Supply - Town Water Supply(PDF, 225KB)

Youth Services Bus(PDF, 118KB)



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