Microchipping and registration

1. Micro-chipping

Micro-chipping your pet involves a simple procedure where a small chip with a unique 15 digit number is implanted under the skin of the animal. It is relatively painless for your pet, just like when they have their annual injections. 

The microchip enables your pet to be identified if it is lost or stolen. It is relatively inexpensive and a simple way to make sure your pet is returned if it ever goes missing.

Micro-chipping your pet can be done through the local vet or by our Council Ranger. It assists Council in identifying ownership of pets found wandering. Not micro-chipping your pet can lead to fines, or worse, we don’t know who to return the animal to!

2. Registration

The NSW Government requires that all pet owners register their pet through their local Council. Registration lasts for the lifetime of your pet. Registration through Council is required by the time an animal is 6 months of age. If your pet is picked up by the Ranger and not registered, you will need to register your dog or cat before it is returned to you. Not registering your pet can lead to fines being issued.

Register and update details online.

3. Prices 

Current registration fees in NSW are:

  • Desexed Cat or Dog*: $55 plus Microchipping fee
  • Desexed Cat or Dog owned by Pensioners*: $23 plus Microchipping fee  (*A certificate from your vet confirming your pet is desexed will be required)
  • Entire (undesexed) cat or dog: $201 plus Microchipping fee
  • Entire Cat or dog owned by a registered breeder: $55 plus Microchipping fee      
  • Assistance Dogs: Free

4.  Update details

Don’t forget to keep your pets details up to date! So if you sell the pet to someone else or move to a new address, update these details through the Council. Forms are available at the Government Access Centre in Miller Street. For more information, please contact Council.

Visit the Office of Local Government for more information on responsible pet ownership.