Awnings, Verandahs and Balconies Encroaching on Public Land

Awnings, verandahs, and balconies add character and serve a practical purpose providing shade to many buildings in Gilgandra. Many are also considered of high local heritage value because they are a feature of many of our main street buildings and include materials such as pressed tin and canvas blinds.

However, over time these structures can deteriorate and may become a public safety risk. Council has developed a policy to ensure that these structures are checked on a regular basis so that they remain in a stable and safe condition.

All verandahs, awnings and balconies constructed over Council land and public footpaths are to be assessed by a practising structural engineer every ten years. In addition, Council may request immediate assessments following severe weather events.

A suitably qualified structural engineer shall be engaged by Council to assess the structural integrity of the verandahs, awnings, and balconies with respect to bracing and the impacts on the parapet walls.

The structural engineer will provide Council with documented findings for each building. Council will notify the landowners, in writing, of the corrective actions of the works required. The property owner of these buildings with verandas, awnings and balconies will be required to complete the necessary actions by a nominated date as outlined by Council. These actions are applicable under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 will be utilised for non-complying buildings.

Payment of the engineering assessments will be at full cost to the property owner. The total cost of the assessment will be divided by the number of inspections and landowners invoiced accordingly.

You can read a full copy of Council’s Awnings, Verandahs and Balconies Encroaching on Public Land Policy on our Council Policies page.

If you would like to speak to a Planning & Environment staff member please call 02 6817 8800 during office hours or Contact Council.