Local Heritage Fund

Applications are currently open for the Gilgandra Shire Local Heritage Fund. The funding has been established to assist owners of places with heritage significance undertake conservation and restoration works. The aim is to maintain, preserve or restore elements that contribute to the heritage value of a place.

Items of heritage significance include buildings/structures/sites identified as contributing to the character of the Gilgandra Heritage Conservation Area (if needed, please seek clarification of the location of the Heritage Conservation Area from Council) and items included on the Gilgandra Community Based Heritage Study.

Projects funded through the local heritage fund In the past
Council offered assistance with the following types of projects:

  • Repair sash & casement windows
  • Replace flooring (generally in public buildings, unless an exterior verandah in a private home that is visible from the street)
  • Replace roof sheeting
  • Replace guttering & downpipes
  • Professional engineering reports addressing building safety concerns (awning, fire safety, accessibility).
  • Re-stumping of buildings • Repainting in heritage colours
  • Widening of entry doors to public buildings for accessibility
  • Upgrades to buildings in relation to fire regulations

Funding amount
Where grants are approved, they are usually on a dollar for dollar basis. There is a limit of $2,000.00 provided by Council, to match a similar (or greater) contribution from the owner

Who can apply
The following people may apply for funding under this program:

  • Owners of places listed on the Gilgandra Shire Council Local Environmental Plan Schedule 5 Heritage items Click here
  • Owners of buildings identified as contributing to the character of the Gilgandra Heritage Conservation Area. More information about these the Heritage Conservation Area can be obtained by contacting Council’s Heritage Advisor.
  • Owners of other places identified as having cultural heritage significance. You can call Councils Heritage Advisor (see details in information below) to discuss accessing the Local Heritage Fund for your project.

Submit your completed project application by 5pm Monday 28 August 2023 with supporting documentation to Gilgandra Shire Council:

PO Box 23
Gilgandra NSW 2827

Drop off in person at Council’s main office at 15 Warren Road

Applications close on Monday, 28 August 2023 at 5.00pm.

For more information, please see the below documents:
• Part 1 – Project Funding Form
PART-1-Project-Funding-form-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 325KB)

• Part 2 – Local Heritage Fund Guidelines
PART-2-Local-Heritage-Fund-Guidelines-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 248KB)

• Part 3 – Selection Criteria
PART-3-Selection-Criteria-Local-Heritage-Fund-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 385KB)