Recycling tips


Gilgandra Shire Council operates a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in partnership with Carlginda Enterprises. This enables people living with a disability to actively live and work in our community. When you recycle in Gilgandra, there are environmental, economic and social benefits for our whole community.

Please note that this means people are sorting your recycling by hand.

Some very important tips the Carlginda employees would like to share:

  • Be considerate and keep your recycling clean
  • Wash out jars, containers and bottles
  • Remove lids
  • Only put materials in your yellow lid bin/yellow bags that are suitable for recovery (see list below)
  • Keep your recyclables free (don’t tie them up in plastic bags)

All these things makes their job easier and much less smelly! Plus they can recycle more of the materials you put into your bin.

Accepted materials for recycling:

  • All rigid plastic bottles and containers used in the kitchen and laundry (no lids please)
  • Glass bottles and jars (no lids please)
  • Cardboard, magazines, paper, newspaper, office paper, brochures and junk mail
  • Milk and juice bottles (no lids please)
  • Steel and aluminium cans plus empty aerosols.

Materials which are not accepted for recycling and should go in your waste bin:

  • No plastic bags – especially recycling contained in plastic bags (we don’t have time on the conveyor belt to open them and they go straight to landfill)
  • No plastic packets or plastic film (like cling-wrap)
  • No expanded polystyrene
  • No nappies
  • No syringes or medical waste (bandages or band-aids)
  • No garden waste
  • No food scraps
  • No ceramics, pottery or ovenware
  • No light globes, windows, mirror or drinking glasses
  • No hazardous or chemical waste.