New Booking System for Community Care

Published on 15 June 2018


On Wednesday, 30 of May, Community Care, as part of Gilgandra Shire Council and Gilgandra Lifestyles, launched a new software application ‘CTABS’ (Centralised Trip Allocation and Booking System) for their community transport vehicles.

The launch saw the program RouteMatch installed into Community Care’s systems and mobile devices for each Community Transport vehicle.

Fully funded by Transport for NSW, CTABS is being rolled out for all Community Transport services throughout NSW.

The new software transfers all bookings and associated information onto the application, visible from both the office and on mobile devices in each vehicle. This information is updated in real time, enabling drivers to see any changes to their trips instantly.


Matthew Wilson, Director Community Services says the new software is an exciting opportunity for both Community Care’s clients and volunteers,

“The CTABS system will manage all Community Transport trips including real time tracking of Community Care’s vehicles. Through displaying any changes to trips on the tablet, the need for any radio or mobile communications is removed. Together, these two aspects will increase safety for both our clients and volunteers.”

Mr Wilson says,

“Our Community Transport service can now be monitored with a greater level of detail, enabling better decision making and improving our customer service. For our clients, part of our improved service is that we can provide real time updates on where their transport is and expected timeframe until pick up.”

There is no change in how clients need to book or communicate with Community Care. For any bookings please contact Community Care as usual.

As part of the launch, all volunteer drivers are being trained in the use of the new systems and mobile devices. Community Care would like to take this opportunity to invite more community members to become volunteer drivers and help ensure this service is available to all those who need it.

Should you have any questions about the CTABS system or volunteering with us please contact Community Care on 6817 8750, email or visit in person at Community Care’s office on Miller Street.