Water Bore Legacy project

  • Project typeTest water bores
  • Project scheduleOn-site work expected to occur February - March 2022
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Gilgandra Shire Council (GSC) is working to ensure long-term benefits are realised for our community from the Inland Rail project that exist far beyond the construction phase of the project. The availability of water for the project itself and the community in general is a common interest point and an area that Council identified it could play an important role. With financial support from Inland Rail, Council will investigate the availability of water from deep aquifers that limits competition with existing stock and domestic bores.

It is important to note the project is focused on investigating opportunities. The establishment of water bores and extraction of water can only proceed following the relevant approvals being obtained, licences being granted and viable water flows existing and being proven.

Find out more through the Fact Sheet, January 2022(PDF, 602KB) .

Project background is also available through the earlier media release, available here 



4 locations throughout Shire - refer Fact Sheet, January 2022, Gilgandra 2827  View Map

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