Joy Trudgett Gallery

The Joy Trudgett Gallery is a space to showcase and share the stories, history and culture of our local Aboriginal community.

The Gallery features:

  • A story wall
  • Joy Trudgett story board
  • Educational area and meeting space
  • Pines Accommodation exhibit
  • Listening bench and kids cubby
  • 3D artwork of the Castlereagh River
  • Digital display featuring the community cultural video
  • Three Nations welcome signage

Joy Trudgett was a proud Wiradjuri woman who was an active leader in the local Aboriginal community. She advocated for Aboriginal affairs, believed in self-determination, and dedicated her life to bettering the livelihoods of both the Aboriginal and broader community of Gilgandra.

This project aligns with the Gilgandra Cultural Precinct Strategic Plan, has followed extensive community consultation with the Aboriginal Stakeholder Group since late 2018, and has received funding support from the NSW Government Regional Tourism Activation Fund and Aboriginal Partnerships Program.

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6452 Newell Highway, Gilgandra 2827  View Map

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