Quotation 6/23 – Swimming Pool Amenities Upgrades

Quotation 6/23 – GSC Swimming Pool Amenities Upgrades - 5 Warren Road, Gilgandra

Council is seeking quotations from suitably experienced building contractors to complete the proposed rectification and upgrade works as detailed within this Quotation Document. The quotations are to include all work associated with the refurbishment of the building and other works, as detailed, to ensure a quality renovated building and adjacent areas with a continued life span. The Contractor shall be satisfied, before submitting a quotation, as to the nature of the site, the form and nature of the work, the materials required, the means of access and in general shall obtain all necessary information as to the risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may affect or influence the cost of the project.

Quotations shall be submitted on the attached compulsory Quotation form prior to Quotations close at 11am on Friday, 3 March 2023. Late quotations will not be accepted.

Please refer all enquires in relation to this quotation to:

Mrs Monica Mudford
Gilgandra Shire Council PO Box 23
Gilgandra NSW 2827

E-mail: mmudford@gilgandra.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 6817 8800