Road Classification Review

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is undertaking a review of road classifications in NSW and is calling for submissions from local government by the end of September 2020. An Independent Panel has been appointed and the review is now in the consultation phase with a report expected from the Panel by 2021.

Find out the full details on the Regional Road Transfer and Road Classification Review here. 

Background information can be found below, and you can also read Council's media release here

To help inform Council’s submission, we are inviting the community to Have Your Say!

Feedback can be provided though our online feedback form and through face to face sessions scheduled at the GIL, Miller Street Gilgandra:

  • 7.30am Thursday, 17 September 2020
  • 5.30pm Thursday, 17 September 2020

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Review background information

In February 2019, the Deputy Premier and Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight announced the initiation of a Roads Classification review and the transfer of up to 15,000 km of council owned and managed roads to State management. The purpose of the review is that Future Transport 2056 and supporting plans require regular review of the policy principles that underpin the road classification framework to ensure that they align with the core outcomes. 

In NSW, there are three administrative classifications to the road hierarchy: 

  1. State Roads are major arterial links throughout the State and within major urban areas which are the responsibility of the State government to fund and prioritise.
  2. Regional Roads are routes of secondary importance between State Roads and Local Roads. These roads are designated “Regional” based on their significance rather that their geographical location.
  3. Local Roads are the remaining council controlled roads for access and local circulation. 

Council staff recently participated in workshops to understand the process and potential implications of reclassifying roads, and the matter was also considered at Council's August meeting. 

Several roads within the Gilgandra Shire have been identified for potential consideration for reclassification as follows, with Council now seeking community input to help inform the submission into the review.

  • Hargraves Lane and Federation Streets for consideration to be reclassified as part of the State Road network.
  • Federation Street for consideration to be reclassified as a Regional Road if Hargraves Lane and Federation Streets do not satisfy the criteria for reclassification as State Roads.
  • The section of Eumungerie Road under Gilgandra Shire’s control for reclassification as a State Road.
  • Tooraweenah Road for consideration to be reclassified as a Regional Road.
  • National Park Road in its entirety for consideration to be reclassified as a regional road.
  • Consider declassification of Miller Street to a local road in Round 2 of the Classification Review.

The process is not about changing the use of the roads, its more about the accessibility to funding and the responsibility of who maintains the roads. 

Read Council's full media release here.

Find out the full details on the Regional Road Transfer and Road Classification Review here. 

For further information, please contact Council on 6817 8800.