Proposed Long Term Plan of Management – Solid Waste

Gilgandra Shire Council has recognised the need to update or replace the 2009 Waste Management Strategy whereby the future provision of waste infrastructure and waste services can be ensured.

This proposed Long Term Plan of Management replaces the 2009 strategy and has undertaken an examination of Council’s core waste facilities and services. It has determined the most cost effective and efficient means of delivering sustainable waste management services to its residents, while considering risks and ensuring facilities are compliant with the requirements of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (1997) and Regulations and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Environmental Guidelines: Solid Waste Landfills (2nd edition 2016) and meeting industry best-practice. This long term plan of management builds upon the achievements already realised by Gilgandra Shire Council, and has identified where further improvements can be introduced.

Gilgandra Shire Council invites submissions in relation to the the proposed Long Term Plan of Management for the Gilgandra Waste Facility.

The proposed plan can be viewed in person at the Councils Main Office or online here(PDF, 2MB) .

Any interested person may make written submission to the Gilgandra Shire Council with respect to this proposed plan of management. If your comments are an objection, then the grounds of the objection must be specified.

Any submissions that you wish to make on this proposal may be included without alteration (including names and addresses) in reports that are available to the public, and in Council business papers (which are published on Council's Website). Anonymous submissions may be given less (or no) weight in consideration of the proposal.

Submissions in writing to:

General Manager
Gilgandra Shire Council
LTPoM Gilgandra Waste Facility
PO Box 23
Gilgandra NSW 2827                                                                                                                                      

Or emailed to with the subject heading LTPoM Gilgandra Waste Facility. Submissions may also be made using the form below.

Submissions close 5pm Wednesday, 1 September 2021

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