Local Roads Hierarchy Plan

Gilgandra Shire Council recently reviewed its Local Roads Hierarchy Plan (LRHP) and is now inviting feedback from the community.

The Local Roads Hierarchy Plan is an integral part of Council’s Transport Asset Management Planning.

Council manages around 1250km of roads and the purpose of the Local Roads Hierarchy Plan (LRHP) is to provide a structure that groups similar roads in terms of function and purpose. These classifications are then used to guide the frequency of condition assessments and allocation of resources for equitable levels of service across the network.

The LRHP for Gilgandra Shire was last reviewed in 2015. Classification of roads in this way involves the relative balance of the traffic mobility and amenity or the access functions of the streets and roads.

As part of the current review, the LRHP was objectively compared with community expectations that have been expressed within the last few years. Additionally, each road was tested against the guiding principles for the corresponding road category in order to evaluate if the classification was still appropriate, relevant or misaligned.

The draft review of the Local Roads Hierarchy Plan for public exhibition and comment can be found here(PDF, 12MB).

Local-Roads-Hierarchy-Plan-Cover-Page.png(PDF, 12MB)   

The current Local Roads Hierarchy Plan can be accessed here with hard copies also available at the Gilgandra Shire Library and Council’s Administration building.

Submissions are invited up until 5pm Tuesday, 31 May 2022 and can be made via the online feedback form below or via email or post.

Please Note: Submissions through this page are in relation to the overarching Local Roads Hierarchy Plan. Please submit general road maintenance requests and enquiries here


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