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Companion Animal Microchipping and Registration

Microchipping and Registration is a two step process that requires cat and dog owners to:

  • Have their animals implanted with a microchip by the time they are 12 weeks of age, at point of sale, or change of ownership (whichever occurs first)
  • Register their animals with the NSW local council by six months of age.

Fines are applicable for offences relating to companion animals. Therefore, to avoid fines being issued, Council encourages the registration of all cats and dogs.


Working Dogs in NSW


A working dog is a dog used primarily for the purpose of droving, tending, working or protecting stock, and includes a dog being trained as a working dog.

Hunting dogs and guard dogs do not have any special status as working dogs under the Companion Animals Act.  Just because an animal is kept for purposes other than that of a pet, does not necessarily mean it is a “working dog”.

Under the Companion Animals Act, dogs that meet the definition of a “working dog” are exempt from microchipping and registering when:

  • the working dog resides on land defined and rated as farmland under the Local Government Act 1993, or
  • the working dog is kept in the Western Division of NSW, being not within a local government area.

All other working dogs MUST be microchipped and registered.  However, a nil dollar (free) registration fee applies.  All working dogs are exempt from wearing a collar and tag while actively working on their owner’s property.

The exemption from micropchipping and lifetime registration for working dogs may be lost in the following circumstances:

  • If the dog is seized and impounded
  • If the dog is declared dangerous
  • If the dog is the subject of a nuisance order
  • If the dog ceases to be a working dog

The lifetime registration fees are set by the legislation, not councils, as follows:



Desexed Cat or Dog

 $55 plus Microchipping fee


Desexed Cat or Dog owned by Pensioners

 $23 plus Microchipping fee


A certificate from your vet confirming your pet is desexed will be required


Entire (undesexed) cat or dog

$201 plus Microchipping fee


Entire Cat or dog owned by a registered breeder

$55 plus Microchipping fee


Assistance Dogs     





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Brochure - Restricted and dangerous dogs

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