Drought Relief Water Supply

Published on 27 August 2018

In recognition of the current drought conditions, Gilgandra Shire Council has made town water available free of charge to all residents of the Gilgandra Shire Local Government Area whose properties are not connected to reticulated town water supplies.

This potable water may be used for domestic use and will be available from Tuesday, 28 August.

“With 100% of New South Wales declared in drought, it is important that we do what we can to support the farmers in the region,” says Mayor, Doug Batten.


“As the drought continues, with a community like Gilgandra with its heart and soul in the rural sector, Council is committed to assist where possible.”

Access to the standpipe is now by appointment only. Customers need to ring Council at least 24 hours in advance and arrange a mutually convenient time.

When accessing this service, please note that landholders are responsible for the logistics and costs of cartage. A disclaimer will be required to be signed stating that users of this service are solely responsible for the cleanliness of containers/tanks filled from the filling station. Gilgandra Shire Council has no responsibility for water quality once water is removed from the standpipe.  Council will also collect contact details to ensure that any information regarding adverse water alerts can be passed on promptly.

Priscilla Stanley, Manager Health Protection with NSW Health, would like to advise people that it is essential to collect water in clean containers to make sure it remains safe to use. Do not use containers that have previously held chemicals or fuel. Follow the steps below to ensure your water remains safe

  • Use a suitable container that has not held hazardous substances
  • If the container hasn’t been used in a while, rinse any hoses and taps, other fittings and the inside of the tank with drinking water before filling
  • Seal the tank and hoses to protect from contamination during transport
  • Ideally, tank should be cleaned before refilling. If cleaning is not possible, fill carefully to try not to stir sediment up from the base of the tank. If sediment has been stirred up and water appears dirty, speak with your Public Health Unit for advice on 1300 066 055.

This service will be made available while drought conditions prevail, dependent on the town water supply.

The standpipe sits about 1.5m off the ground with a 4 inch Camlock fitting. Council will also have available 2, 2.5 and 3 inch fittings available both male and female, with a selection of hoses to assist with the filling of most containers.

For further information regarding this service, please contact Council’s administration team on 6817 8800.